Technics (New American Pantheon Specific Purview)

Overclocked (Technics •)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Craft (Appropriate Skill)
Cost: None

The Scion takes a Difficulty 1, fifteen minute dramatic action to fiddle with an electronic device. If the Intelligence + Technics roll is successful, the device provides a +1 die bonus for using it. By increasing the difficulty by one, the Scion can limit the number of people capable of gaining the bonus dice to a number of individuals no greater than his Legend. This bonus lasts for one scene per threshold success.

Example: The Technical Kid, Scion of The Web, is preparing for a raid on the FBI mainframe. He makes his roll and gets a +1 die bonus to all rolls during the raid. Alternatively, he could increase the difficulty to 2 (and still easily make it thanks to his Epic Intelligence). Doing this would allow him to limit the die bonus to himself, and up to three others (because his Legend is 4).

No Trail (Technics ••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny
Cost: 1 Legend

The Scion makes a Wits + Technics roll. The number of successes indicates the number of scenes in which the Scion will leave no nonphysical trails. This will not stop someone from physically tracking the Scion, but will cover any traces left via internet surfing, credit card purchases, or other data trails. Trails whose causes which have a long duration, such as a long stay at a hotel, use up one success per day. Alternatively, the Scion can spend successes to cover additional people, up to his Legend. Successes spent in this manner do not increase the duration.

Example: Joey Smiles, Scion of Media, is on the run with two of his cronies. He tires quickly of the low key life, and takes his crew to a swank hotel. As he walks in, he makes his roll and gets 4 successes. He opts to get himself one room and his two Cronies another. The two rooms will use two successes per day, and so only be covered for two days. He'd better enjoy it while it lasts.

Cookie (Technics •••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence or Wits + Science
Cost: 1 Legend

The Scion targets a creature he can see, or one whose data trail he has located online, and rolls Wits + Science against a difficulty of the target's Legend. Successes indicate the number of days the target's location will be tracked. The cookie usually takes the form of spyware for digital trails, and a high tech bug for physical trails. For the duration, the Scion will know the general location of the target, down to a building level if indoors, or city block sized area outdoors. If the Scion has access to a computer which is currently under the effects of Overclocked, the granularity of location is known to within 10 yards instead.

Example: The Technical Kid has been assigned to track down Joey Smiles, who has gone into hiding after orchestrating a raid on one of The Web's largest media pirating sites. The trail is nonexistent (thanks to Joey's Technics) until one of his cronies decides to visit the local porn store and buy some magazines. Once The Kid has scented the trail, he tags it. He rolls Intelligence (choosing it because of his Epic dots in it) + Science, and get 5 successes. The croney's Legend is only 1, so for the next 5 days The Kid will have a bead on his location. Since he always keeps his laptop Overclocked, the spot will be known to within 10 yards.