These boons repreent an alternate tree for the Prophecy purview. They can be taken in addition to the default Prophecy purview, but do not count as ranks taken when determining which rank you can buy. For instance, knowing Unnatural Insight (••) does not permit a Scion to take the White Wolf version of Prophecy •••, he must already know the base Prophecy to rank ••.

Minor Visions (Prophecy •)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Every session, the GM provides you with a minor Vision. This can take the form of a dream or meditation, or just an insight given you. The GM choses what he wants to reveal, and it can range from trivial to vital, as he or she sees fit. It must apply to a future (not the current) scene. If by the end of a session the GM has not given you a Minor Vision, you may prompt them for one and they must deliver. Minor Visions prove truthful and accurate unless a being with a Legend Rating takes actions to thwart or prevent it.

Danger Sense (Prophecy ••)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: None
Your intuition and second sight give you warnings when you are in dangerous situations. Whenever rolling to Join Battle, you may roll bonus dice equal to the level rating of your highest Prophecy boon. The same bonus applies when rolling Perception + Awareness to detect an unexpected attack. While mechanical traps such as covered pits and poisoned needles are exceedingly rare in Scion, these bonus dice would be applied to attempts to avoid those, as well.

Search For A Sign (Prophecy •••)
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 legend
By consulting tarot, star charts, runestones, or other divinatory tools, you may determine the better of two possible courses of action. Doing so takes 10 minutes of focus. You name two possible approaches to the situation at hand and criteria for determining which is best, and roll Perception + Occult. If there is achance of a botch, the GM should roll instead. An example for two options and the criteria would be “who is more likely to sleep with me if I take her to the dance, Mary Ann or Ginger?”

The information obtained is based on the number of successes.

Botch – False answer. The number of 1s rolled determines the amount of false information gained.
1 – Simple answer to the question showing only the most likely candidate. i.e. “Ginger is more likely to sleep with you.”
3 – A vague reason why the answer is yes or no. “because she’s a hussy.”
5 – A “but” clause involving the other possibility. “but if you get Mary Ann in the sack, she’s freaky.”
7+ - One or more triggers that make the likely path even more likely. Every 3 successes beyond the 7th gives an extra trigger. For instance, 11 successes would give two triggers: “She (Ginger) is more likely to sleep with you if she’s drunk and you act like Thurston Howell, whom she always had a crush on.”

The sign gives no guarantees of success, and should other options be chosen (such as taking Lovey instead), the prophecy is voided.

Lateral Prognostication (Prophecy ••••)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower
The Fates themselves guide your intuitive process, gifting you with precognitive vision and great ability to "think outside the box." You may spend a willpower to request from the GM a vision pertaining to a specific upcoming challenge or plot point that has you stymied. This boon stomps all over traditional mystery plotlines, by providing access to breaks that no mortal detective could ever reasonably expect to receive. However, it does nothing to protect against short-term deceptions. It is rare that the methods prompted by these visions involve doing things within the current scene - generally this power puts you on a path to solving things tomorrow or at least a few hours from now.

The vision so granted comes in the format of "If you do A, the result will be B". The GM has a lot of leeway in what to slot into that statement, and it can involve some very overt "coincidence" or even obvious manipulation by the Fates themselves.

To reap the benefit of B, the PC must do A. The only real restrictions are that "A" must be something the PC is capable of doing, and "B" must be must be beneficial to the PC, and must consist of new data/leads. You can't just confirm things the player likely already figured out. The point of this power is to provide new avenues for information gathering, and ways for players to sidestep impasses and mental obstacles.

For example, if your PC is trying to battle an epidemic, this boon might reveal "If you go to park at 9 am tomorrow, the man in a red hat will hold the key to the cure." The GM has plenty of latitude there. The man in the red hat could be a powerful supernatural who is spreading the infection. He could be the poor accursed mortal whose hubris provoked a god to unleash the disease. Or he could be an otherwise normal human with a random genetic immunity, the existence of which could enable a Science or Medicine roll to create a vaccine. Such a vision provides a lead that the PCs never would have gotten to via logic or mundane detective work, but still requires some efforts on their part to get the full reward.

Foretelling The Messiah (Prophecy •••••)
Dice Pool: Perception + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower and 1 or more Legend.
Gifted with flashes of insight, you may predict that a particular PC or NPC holds the solution to the problem at hand. Making such a declaration costs 1 Willpower point, and any number of Legend points up to a limit equal to your Legend Rating. This insight comes to you in a (Speed: 5) vision - while the player chooses who will fulfill the role of the prophecy, the character does not (they see it as Fate itself having chosen).

In a later scene this same story, the player of the prophesied character may announce that they are attempting to fulfill your prophecy with their current action. Any stunts they perform on that action add auto-successes instead of dice. In addition, if they expend a legendary deed on that action, it grants successes equal to their Legend Rating (as normal) plus one success for every point of legend you spent while activating this Boon. This bonus affects a maximum of one roll, and that roll cannot be made in the same scene in which this power is activated.

You may only name one person to be your messiah at a time. Using the power again immediately ends the effects of all previous activations. You may name yourself as the messiah, but doing so increases the cost of this power by 3 extra legend points. Regardless of whether or not you ever name yourself messiah, you may not indicate the same character in back-to-back messianic prophecies. Someone else must have used the bonus before you can give it to the same person a second time. The prophecy is only valid for a number of days equal to the activation successes.

Forespeak Destruction (Prophecy ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1 willpower
By looking into the future, you may learn a person's fatal flaw, the tragic destiny that will be their undoing. By spending 5 ticks gazing at a person, you learn their Legend rating, and their greatest Virtue or Dark Virtue (or multiple of the same if they have several rated at the same level) along with the effects of the related virtue extremity. Armed with this information, you may predict what will be their undoing. This itself costs nothing, and involves no die roll. Those come in when you actually tell them the horrible fate you foresaw.

For creatures with Virtues or Dark Virtues, the answer is that they will fall victim to the dark side of their strongest virtue. If their legend is less than yours, you may roll Manipulation + Occult (they contest via Willpower + Integrity + Legend), if you succeed, you gain the ability to force that extremity upon them at any time (from any distance) by spending a willpower. You may do so immediately, and/or wait till later. You may do so only once. Note that if you personalize the destruction you announce (such as "your rapacity will cause you to gorge yourself to death eating your own children"), it will probably score you stunt dice on the roll.

For victims who lack virtues (and have Legend less than yours), you may predict any terrible fate of your wishing, provided that it's something the GM deems befitting of that person's Legend Rating. You thereafter gain the ability to spend a willpower to make them flee or cower in terror. For victims without a Legend Rating, you may choose that they die in a totally mundane way, such as a car crash or a virus, or even in some humiliating fashion, such as an accident during autoerotic asphyxiation. As with triggering a Virtue Extremity, this may only be done once.

For those of equal or greater legend than yourself, your pronouncement increases the chance of that flaw impacting them. If you succeed on the contested roll, they lose the ability spend willpower to suppress that Virtue. Instead, they must roll against it whenever attempting to override the virtue. For those of equal legend, this penalty lasts for one month, for those of greater legend it lasts but a scene.

The effects of this boon may also be canceled by a variety of mind-affecting powers, including Moon 7, Prophecy 9, Justice 9, or any of several different Avatar/Ultimate level powers.

Friend or Foe (Prophecy ••••• ••)
Dice Pool: Typically none, but sometimes Perception + Empathy
Cost: 3 legend (or 20 legend plus a willpower)
When you first meet someone, a montage of key moments from your future interactions with them cascade before your eyes. This means that when you first see a person, you can know immediately whether they are destined to be a friend or a foe. This three-tick action costs 3 legend to activate, and succeeds automatically, if done in the scene where you first meet the NPC. It can only be done once per NPC.

The GM then must choose whether your fate is to be friends or foes. If destined to be a friend, you gain bonus successes equal to your Legend on all Charisma and Appearance rolls directed at that person, though only for positive interactions. In order to knowingly take a harmful action against the other, the character must roll dice equal to their Legend and score no successes. If instead they are destined to be an enemy, both parties gain bonus successes on all harmful actions against each other equal to their respective Legend ratings and must roll to knowingly help the other. These effects last forever. As potent as such bonuses may be, they are insignificant compared to the benefit of knowing without a doubt whether or not you can trust someone.

If used later than the introduction, such as when talking with an NPC you'd met in a previous scene or story, the visions are not as pure or objective. In such a case, the cost is increased to 20 legend and a point of willpower, and you must roll Perception + Empathy vs a difficulty of (5 times their Legend). The difficulty increases by 10 if they have even a single level of the Chaos or Magic Purviews. If they have both, the penalty increases to +15 total. Failure on your roll prevents you from using this power on them again for one year.

Altering an NPCs friend/foe status is extremely difficult, something to rival the greatest Herculean task, though it could be sped up considerably by The Wyrd or Ultimate Charisma.

Voice of Fate (Prophecy ••••• •••)
Dice Pool: Typically none, but sometimes Intelligence + Occult
Cost: 1 legend / level of Prophecy sent (possibly plus 1 or 2 Willpower)
Following the example set by the Fates, you've learned to delegate. You may pass your visions on to your own mortal oracles. Whenever you use Prophecy, you may choose to pass it on to one of your followers instead of gaining the benefits yourself. You still roll, and make any decisions involving the activation, but your chosen oracle sees with your eyes and speaks with your voice. Combined with the Hear Prayers knack, you can selectively send the visions only to those who pray for them, but there's nothing that stops you from inflicting prophecy on those who don't want it.

When you send a prophecy to a Follower, a worshiper, or your own child you use the normal activation cost of the boon being sent, plus extra legend points equal to the level of the boon being transmitted. The range of this power is unlimited, you can even send visions to an oracle on another plane of existence although doing so costs an extra Willpower. If the character in question does not have Legend equal to the boon’s rating + 1, the cost is increased by 3 Legend points. The only Prophecy boons you can't send are this one, the avatar, and It’s a Wonderful Life. Once you have used it on a worshiper in at least 3 different scenes, you also gain the ability to communicate to them for one legend per sentence, similar to a long-range version of the Telepathy knack.

For those who are not allied to you, you may force Prophecy upon them, as Apollo did to Kassandra. This requires a roll of your Intelligence + Occult vs their Willpower + Integrity + Legend, in addition to the costs listed for followers. If you fail the roll, the prophecy cannot be sent to them (though all costs must still be paid).

Negative Prophecy (Prophecy ••••• ••••)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Willpower and 15 Legend
As a speed 5 action, you can declare that something "shall not come to pass" and the power of fate will back up your prophecy. As with foretelling the Messiah, the character is not choosing the thing that will not happen, the fates are. However, the player of the character gets to choose the restriction, rather than leaving it up to the GM.

Anyone who attempts to work against your negative prophecy will find the difficulty of all rolls they make (to that end) raised significantly. Legendless mortals just fail automatically. Hero-level Scions and most Titanspawn find their difficulties raised by +10 for even the most mundane tasks opposing this prophecy. Demigods and lesser immortals face +5 difficulty. Gods and the Avatars of the Titans face +1 difficulty. Such penalties do not stack, not even if spoken by multiple goddesses of fate.

Note that this power only allows for banning events/outcomes, it cannot force events to occur. The GM is free to deny any use of this power that he or she feels is contradicts this clause, though they should ask the player to rephrase to something that more specifically pinpoints that which it seeks to ban. For example, you could say "McCain will not become President" but you couldn't say "Obama will become President". Any number of reasons could prevent McCain from being sworn in: Obama or Clinton could win, McCain could win but abdicate to his running mate for a variety of reasons, or (in a world as epic as that depicted in Scion) the US government could fall apart before the election.

Examine the Weave (Prophecy ••••• •••••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Occult
Cost: 1 Willpower Dot and 20 Legend Points
You have the ability to foretell how the worlds would develop without you if you just kept to yourself.

To use this power, you must expend a permanent willpower dot and 20 temporary legend points. Roll Intelligence + Occult, including the full bonus of any Epics, Arete, or other powers that add dice or successes. For every success, the GM must reveal one major plot point they intend to carry out. These come in the form of "if you don't do something to stop it..." Most are bad things that will happen without your intervention, but they reveal secret plans or capabilities of enemies both known and unknown. A few can be good things that will happen, but that should be no more than a dozen (or so) of the successes. With a really good roll, this could leave very little unrevealed in the campaign.

Alternately, the player can forgo rolling the dice to simply ask the GM one question, which he or she must answer truthfully and fully - no tricks.

This is a massive power, capable of warping and derailing storylines, revealing hidden allegiances, spoiling numerous mysteries, etc. Conveniently, the power level of challenges and NPCs at Legend 11+ is sweeping enough that simply knowing who the badguys are (and what their plans entail) doesn't guarantee you can foil them. Knowing that Loki will trick Thor into killing you doesn't automatically undo his trickery, and you'll still have to act to prevent it - or be prepared to weather the storm.