Lifesong (Askani Pantheon Specific Purview)

The Lifesong is the music that underlies creation. It's the blood running through the veins of the soul. The Ashanti know that all things are story, and the best stories are told in rhytmic verse. The world itself is one giant ongoing story told in song, and there are those who can hear it or change it's tune.

The Lifesong is limited in that it can only interact with natural things. Extradimensional objects or the dead are beyond it's touch. For instance, Hear the Music can only aid in rolls that involve interacting with creatures or their immediate effects. This does not apply to dice adders, which work by attuning the user to the universe.

Hear the Music (Lifesong •)
Dice Pool: Perception + Art (Music)
Cost: 1 Legend Point

When the Lifesong is revealed to a Scion for the first time, it comes to him as a soft hum that grows and grows into a steady crescendo of music that encompasses all life on Earth. Almost immediately the child of the Ashanti is forced to block the symphony out or be unable to pay attention to anything else. But when needed, the listener can tune in again and focus on the fugue of his own life's movement within the greater symphonic harmony.

The Scion makes a Perception + Art (Music) roll. The number of successes form a secondary dice adder pool which remains available for the remainder of the scene. By acting in harmony with the song of the scene, the Scion may apply dice from that pool to any Perception, Awareness, Empathy, or Investigation rolls made within the scene, but may apply no more than his Legend in dice to any single roll.

Example: As usual, Fat Charley is sitting in his bar and wondering what he should do with himself. He's just gotten himself in a good mope when he realizes something is wrong. The bar has gone too quiet, and even the jukebox no longer sings. Listening deeper, Fat Charley tunes himself into the melody of the world and hears them outside the doors: Titanspawn seeking fresh blood for sport. He rolls Perception + Art (Music) and gets 5 successes. His Legend is only two, so he uses two of them for the Perception + Awareness roll to notice them, and another two to help his Join Battle roll when they burst through his window.

Keep the Beat (Lifesong ••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Larceny
Cost: 1 Legend + 1 Willpower

Keep the Beat functions as Hear the Music, but lasts for an entire day.

Hum the Melody (Lifesong •••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Art (Music)
Cost: 1 Legend

Hum the melody functions like Hear the Beat, but the dice pool created can be applied to any rolls made during the scene.

Example: Spider, son of Anansi, has gotten himself into hot water as usual. His flippant demeanor and sharp wit made a recent dinner at Luigi's turn horribly wrong. While "do not insult the mafia consiglieri" is an important lesson to learn in life, it won't do Spider much good if he finds himself wearing a new pair of heavy dull gray boots and sinking fast. While running through the New York alleyways from the mobster's two goons, Spider takes a moment to attune himself the Lifesong. He picks his way quickly through the staccato base beats that make up the Big Apple and finds the adagietto of his current predicament. Spending a point of Legend, he rolls Perception + Art (Music) and gets 4 successes, forming a pool of 4 dice. His legend is three, so he may only use three on any given action. He uses one to help him scramble over a fence, and the other three to help him dodge through traffic on a busy street. Looking back he sees the goons waiting a chance to cross without having to play Frogger. He's escaped, but vows to avoid this particular neighborhood for a while.

Heart's Song (Lifesong ••••)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Art (Music)
Cost: 4+ Legend, 0+ Willpower

By spending 4 Legend and breaking into a song, the Scion fills the hearts of those around him with an emotion appropriate to the song being sung. He cannot choose the target(s) of that emotion, only its nature.

At it's most basic level, this boon only affects nearby extras. In order to affect non-extras with a Legend rating less than his own, the Scion must spend one extra Legend point per character to be affected. To affect non-extras with a Legend equal to or higher than the Scion's own, he must spend 1 Willpower per target. Any beings who hear the song but are not affected will feel a tugging in their hearts, but can choose to ignore it. Activation of this boon against non-extras requires an opposed roll of Charisma + Art (Music) vs. Willpower + Integrity + Legend. Even a single net success is enough to charge the target's heart with emotion.

Example: Fat Charley and his unbeknownst to him future girlfriend have been cornered by the murderous Graham Coates in a restaurant. As the night's singer makes her way around the room, he gets her eye and convinces her that he should sing. Activating this boon, he belts out a heartfelt rendition of "I Got You Under My Spell," aiming for Admiration. The GM decides that the singer for the evening is an instrumental character in the scene instead of an Extra, so Fat Charley spends 4 Legend for the base effect, plus one Legend for the singer, and 1 Willpower for Graham Coates. He rolls Charisma + Art (Music) and gets 5 successes. The singer rolls Willpower + Integrity + Legend (her Legend is 0), as does Graham. The singer only gets 2 successes and looks on at Charley's singing in admiration. Graham Coates, however, rolls 7 successes and is unaffected. Still, the distraction caused is enough for Fat Charley and his friend to slip away.

Dream Time Lullaby (Lifesong •••••)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Occult
Cost: 1+ Willpower

By performing a half hour long ritual, the Ashanti Son may cause himself and other participants to drift into a deep sleep. The ritual itself changes every time it is used, and must always include trappings appropriate to the purpose of the trip. These trappings accompany the participants, but no other possessions do. If a Scion wishes to bring along a Relic or other tool/weapon, he must incorpoate it into the ritual.

All affected indivicduals will be taken to the Dream Time, home of the Ashanti pantheon. The difficulty and Willpower costs are both equal to the number of intended travellers. Should the roll fail with anything other than a botch, randomly determine which participants (other than the Scion) do not make the trip. On a botch, all participants still make the trip, but cannot return under their own power, and must instead bargain with the denizens of the Dream Time until they find one who is willing to return them for a price they are willing to pay.

While in the Dream Time, the travellers may seek out guidance, help, or tools. Guidance is found in the form of knowledge imparted by the inhabitants of the Dream Time. Help also comes from those beings, in the form of magical aid or earthly assistance (usually through the deity's Scions). Tools are relics that have been lost to time. Almost always of Ashanti origin, these implements and weapons are usually held or gaurded by great powers, requiring strength, bravery, and sometimes bargaining to regain. If a Scion is seeking a Relic, add that Relic's rating to the difficulty of the ritual. In any case, those who hold the sought for assistance or tools rarely give it without asking for a favor in return. The GM is urged to make the challenges and bargains appropriate to the rewards being sought.

To return, the Scion need only break a central piece of the ritual. Doing so returns him and all companions nearby to the world, and wakens them from their slumber. The ritual imparts no extra strength to the Scion, nor fragility to the focus, so most travellers choose items they can easily break but which will not be carelessly damaged by travel, such as a sturdy walking stick. The Scion's fellow travellers can also return by breaking the focus, but this requires both the apprpriate level of strength and a like amount of will and magical knowledge. In order to break the focus, the companion must have a high enough total of both Strength + Athletics and Willpower + Occult (using this total as a look-up on the Feats of Strength chart). The only ways to return without breaking the focus are via Terra Incognita (Psychopomp •••••) or bargaining with a local denizen who knows the way or has the requisite strength of body and will. In either case, there will be a challenge or price.

Example: xxx.

Circle of Life (Lifesong ••••• •)
Dice Pool: Charisma + Art (Music)
Cost: 1 Legend


Example: xxx.