Law is the purview of order, bureacracy, and rules.

Eye of the Storm (Law •)
Dice Pool: None
Cost: 1 Legend Point per scene

When the Scion finds herself caught up in a chaotic situation unrelated to her—whether she’s dodging a tornado’s debris or emerging from a bar to find a berserk mob rushing toward her to clash with a line of riot cops down the street—she can activate this Boon and become an island of calm in the tumult. She is miraculously untouched in the confusion, and she remains so for as long as she doesn’t actively involve herself. She still suffers normal environmental movement penalties, but environmental dangers such as falling rocks, stampeding beasts or thrashing rioters all fail to touch her.

Order from Chaos (Law ••)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Awareness
Cost: None

If the Boon’s activation roll succeeds, the Storyteller should determine and reveal in general terms what action the Scion can take to either engender the most order in the scene or defuse the potential chaos inherent in the situation. The revelation should be something simple like “firing at the ceiling,” “punching the police chief,” “laughing at the governor's next joke” or “pick pocketing the agent's badge.” The Storyteller should explain only which action will lead to which outcome, not how.

Petrifying Calm (Law •••)
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy
Cost: 1 Willpower

This Boon turns a person’s rational thoughts into seething, chaotic noise. On a successful activation roll, the victim freezes in place, suddenly unable to think, speak or act. He’s unaware of what goes on around him, and he has no memory of the moments before or after the use of this Boon.

The effect lasts for a number of actions equal to the successes on the activation roll, and it erases the victim’s memory for an equal amount of time before the roll. If the victim has more dots of Legend than the user, the power doesn’t work. If the victim has an equal Legend rating, the activation roll is contested against the victim’s (Willpower + Integrity + Legend).