Slavic Pantheon

The Svarga, the deities of the Slavic world, encompass polar opposites and dualistic natures, whether they are individual deities representing one polar aspect, or a deity that has both a light and a dark side. The Slavic dualism is a system of complimenting opposites such as darkness and light, winter and summer, female and male, cold and hot more similar to the yin/yang. The God-brothers Bialybog "white-god" and Czarnebog "black-god" who rule the sky and underworld respectively are further illustrations of this polarity. (prior description yanked from the wiki.

Virtues: Conviction, Harmony, Endurance, Valor


AKA: Chernobog, Crnobog, Czernobóg, Černobog, Diabolous, Zernebog, each name meaning "black god")

Czernobog is the dark god of Slavis mythology. He is frequently likened to the Satan of Christianity: a black mirror to his brother Belobog's light. Czernobog and his brother Belobog are a dual entity, with Czernobog holding sway in the Winter and Fall, and Belobog ruling in the Spring and Summer.

In modern times Czernobog has been a crooked blackjack dealer, a car salesman, and a slaughterhouse "knocker," whose job is was to kill the cows with a sledgehammer as they passed him on the line. He appears as an older dark skinned man, and usually wears all black.

Czernobog's Scions are as dark as he, revelling in the same bloody pleasures as their sire. They fight against the Titanspawn, but many in other pantheons fear that they dance too close to the thin red line.

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Bhag, Chaos, Darkness, Death, Magic
Abilities: Command, Larceny, Melee, Occult, Science, Stealth
Rivals: Belobog
More Information: Wikipedia, Slavic Pagan Beliefs

The Zorya

AKA: Auroras, Zorya Utrennyaya, Zorya Vechernyaya, Zorya Polunochnaya, The Three Starred Sisters

The Zoryas are a trinity deity comprised of three sisters. Zorya Utrennyaya is the Morning Star. She opens the gates for the chariot of the sun. Zorya Vechernyaya is the Evening Star who closes the gates when her father returns home. Zorya Polunochnaya is the midnight star. Together the three sisters hold back the hound Simargl, the breaking of whose chains is said to harbinge the end of the world.

In modern times the Zorya rarely venture into the world, choosing to focus all of their efforts on holding back the beast. When they do walk amongst men, they usually appear as holy women, nuns, psychologists, or social workers.

The Zoryas Scions are usually female, but they have been known to adopt male "children" who have lost their divine parents. The Scions are all as open hearted as their mothers, and seek to be as wise.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Wits, Bhag, Sun, Gaurdian, Moon, Sky, Magic
Abilities: Art, Awareness, Command, Integrity, Fortitude, Occult
Rivals: Belobog, Simargl
More Information: Wikipedia


AKA: Easter, Ostara, Hausos

Despite extremely few knowing her true name or her divine calling, Easter is a powerful goddess compared to many other Spring goddesses. Her rituals and name were drawn into Christianity and are repeated yearly by millions of people all across the country. While she enjoys the fame, she secretly resents that the offerings are not truly being made to her.

In modern times Eostre has worked as a midwife, a veterinarian, and a landscape artist.

Easter's Scions value life over honesty, and continuation of the status quo over risk.

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Stamina, Animal (Rabbit), Bhag, Fertility, Health
Abilities: Art, Athletics, Craft, Medicine, Occult, Survival
Rivals: Chernobog
More Information: Wikipedia, A discussion of Bede's work and some theorizing