Pesedjet Pantheon (Expanded)

The following are more deities for the Pesedjet pantheon presented in the core rules.


AKA: Sachmet, Sakhet, and Sakhmet, Avenger of Wrongs, Scarlet Lady, One Before Whom Evil Trembles, Lady of Slaughter

Sekhmet is the Lion Headed Goddess of War. Her temperament is as fiery as her name would indicate, but she is not a wanton deity of carnage. Her wars are focused things, aimed at evil and injustice.

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Charisma, Animal (Lion), Heku, Justice, Sun, War
Abilities: Brawl, Command, Fortitude, Integrity, Marksmanship, Survival
Rivals: Bast, Government, Loki, Set, Any God or Goddess of Evil
More Information: Egyptian Dreams, Wikipedia