Ashanti / African Pantheon

The Ashanti pantheon has its roots in the heart of Africa, but spread alongside slavery to cover many different corners of the world, from the Caribbean to the Americas. Some of the Gods in the pantheon have even infiltrated other pantheons as they spread, most notably Anansi, whose name was Americanized and transformed to Aunt Nancy so the slaves could avoid punishment for speaking in their native tongue.

Virtues: Courage, Expression, Harmony, Loyalty


AKA: Kweku Anansi, Spider, Bumba, Aunt Nancy, Yiyi

In the beginning there were stories: log stories, short stories, exciting stories, and boring stories. The one thing they had in common is that they were all Tiger stories, until Spider came and tricked Tiger into giving them away. Kweku Anansi, when he chooses not to look like a spider, usually appears as a short man with too-long limbs and an overly-fat belly. Some would say, although rarely to his face, that Anasi's defining characteristic is his ego. Spider, though, will tell you that it's not ego when it's warranted, and that he does what he does to teach others lessons of wariness and humility.

In modern times Anansi has taken the roles of con man, stage magician, and professional karaoke singer. His favorite role, however, is that of an older gentleman with a full belly and lots of friends. Everything else eventually proves to require too much effort tedious once the newness has worn off.

Anansi's sons walk the world and follow in their father's footsteps. They bring the song back into the world, and use it to gird hearts against the coming darkness. Of course, they're not opposed to a little mischievous fun now and again. Being too dull can get you disowned from the family.

Associated Powers: Epic Manipulation, Epic Stamina, Epic Wits, Animal (Spider), Lifesong
Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Empathy, Larceny, Presence, Stealth
Rivals: Damballah, Baron Samedi, Osebo, Anini, Bird
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AKA: Tiger, Bra Tiger

If you have in your mind a picture of a wild beast that rules by strength and fear, you have in your mind a picture of Tiger. The whole world used to be made up of tiger stories until Anansi stole them, and it has been Osebo's driving force ever since. As such, there are very few tiger stories left, and they almost invariably involve the great cat being tricked out of soemthing prescious to him by a witty little spider. Don't mention these stories around Osebo though, or his strongly muscled limbs and razored claws will wrap around your throat before you can say "I'm sorry, please don't eat me."

In modern times Tiger has stayed true to his predator nature. He has been a serial killer, a safari hunter, and a power tripping federal agent. In all instances though, he has kept a close supply of arachnocide.

Tiger's children are like him, but not always in violence. They range from murderers, to thugs, to thieving accountants. Their work in the war aginst the Titans is invariably nasty, brutish, and necessary.

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Stamina, Epic Dexterity, Animal (Great Cat), Lifesong
Abilities: Animal Ken, Athletics, Brawl, Melee, Stealth, Survival
Rivals: Anansi, Monkey, Czernobog
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AKA: Bird Woman

Bird most often appears as a lanky woman with a hawkish nose or a scruffy raven. In whatever guise, she rules the skies of the Ashanti Dreamtime. As a lover of freedom, some might not expect Bird Woman to be much of a stickler for rules, but when she makes a bargain she always requires fairness and prompt payment.

Today Bird Woman mostly keeps to herself. But when she does walk amongst the mortals she prefers to be in the sky. As such, she has taken the guise of a free-wheeling balloonist and rebel billionaire, an airplane pilot, and an astronaut.

Birds children are as free as she is, but still bound by the same social mores. They can most often be found waging their wars in the skies as fighter pilots, paratroopers, and skywriters. Many have speculated that Mahammed Atta was a Scion of Bird, and led the 9/11 attackers to a short term and pyrrhic victory against Money.

Associated Powers: Epic Dexterity, Animal (Bird), Magic, Sky, Lifesong
Abilities: Animal Ken, Art, Athletics, Pilot, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Anansi, Artemis, Loki
More Information: Jamaican Stories Index