American / New Pantheon

As The New World opened its doors, it welcomed in a blend of peoples from all over the world. Some came looking for a new life, some fled old rivalries, and some came locked in chains. But one thing they all had in common was ambition. And in the face of that ambition, old beliefs fell away to be replaced by convenience and pragmatism. Soon science and status became the new watchwords. Before long the old gods found themselves abandoned in favor of newer powers.

Faith in the New World is a shifting a fickle creature. While it may at first appear that beings such as Media and Web have a stranglehold on the future, one needs only think back to their predecessors Railroad and Mail to know otherwise. Where the old gods find themselves in a desperate struggle to cling to what they once knew, the upstart replacements are in a struggle to maintain what they have only just gained. In some ways the ancients may even be more enduring, as they've been around for centuries. It only takes one new invention to drag a Power down into obscurity and thence to oblivion.

Virtues: Intellect, Loyalty, Order, Piety


AKA: The Man, Law, Institution, Big Brother, Uncle Sam

Government runs the show, or so it says. Eventually all other new gods answer to Government except perhaps Money, but that's a chicken and egg scenario still in contention. One thing is for certain though, since 9/11 the power of government has grown exponentially. It is for that reason that some wonder if Atta and his cell were not really Agents in disguise. That the Pentagon and the White House were both targetted but missed may be somewhat telling.

One thing is certain though, Government is as yet unaware of the serpent in its midst. Dick Cheney, Vice President, is in reality a Scion of Loki playing the biggest trick of the century. He and his influence have propelled George Bush to the Presidency, and subtley nudged him into making the Oval Office the mockery it is today. Even so, the power of Government is still undistputed, with average citizens looking to it to protect them in the coming storm, and turning a blind eye towards its role in fueling the chaos.

The Man has agents everywhere, from deep inside criminal organizations to brazenly knocking on the doors of congressmen and senators suspected of "immoral acts." But when Government needs something done fast and quiet, it turns to it blackest arm: The Agency, with a capital "A."

Associated Powers: Epic Perception, Epic Manipulation, War, Law, Technics
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Investigation, Larceny, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Odin, Web


AKA: The Boob Tube, The Press, The Fourth Estate, The Idiot Box

Americans have a love/hate relationship with the Media. While the claim is that Telivision and Radio are filled with purile nonsense, ratings and revenues say otherwise. While most people like to say they aren't swayed by pundits and advertisers, the Media still holds a lot of power in moving the mountain of public opinion. Media has made fools into stars, and actors into presidents.

Media is currently embroiled in a fight with Web over intellectual ownership versus piracy. Skirmishes are many, but in the end it appears Media will lose. Unless perhaps she can entreat the aid of a surprise force of Scions, culled from outside her ranks.

Media's Scions, like all new God Scions, are adopted or created via high level Technics boons. Almost invariably though, her Scions are music, television, or movie stars. They, like Media herself, tend to use their powers to draw public opinion back and forth like a wave in a box. Her ultimate goal in all this is unknown. Some think she just wants to keep things moving to maintain the public's limited attention apan on herself, while others suspect more nefarious plans. The latter point to the fact that a pendulum in motion is much easier to careening off of its fulcrum than one sitting stagnate.

Associated Powers: Epic Appearance, Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Wits, Technics
Abilities: Awareness, Command, Investigation, Larceny, Politics, Presence
Rivals: Odin, Web


AKA: Green, Power, Root of All Evil, The Almighty Dollar

Money makes the world go 'round. Money can make a man kill his beloved, and a woman sell her dignity. But money can also make cures possible and replace what is lost. In the end, the one thing that can be said about money is that while she may be a harsh mistress, her best disciples live what can only be called the American Dream.

Money doesn't have a lot of enemies. Even the old gods mostly agree on her necessity, or at least her usefulness. As such she tends to work for any master, but it usually isn't long before her masters find themselves working for her, addicted to the things she can give them.

Money's scions are invariably rich. Whether they get there via inhereitance, hard work, or the luck of the lottery doesn't matter; the instant you're adopted you're on the road to riches. Money's scions spend their dutiful hours ensuring the sovereignty of the american Dollar by suborning governmental officials, keeping the poor needful and desirous, or sprinkling out hope with lucky numbers and pyramid schemes. They spend their downtime either amassing more wealth or engaged in Bacchanalian excesses in celebration of their mother's power.

Associated Powers: Epic Charisma, Epic Manipulation, Epic Appearance, Technics
Abilities: Command, Investigation, Larceny, Politics, Presence, Survival
Rivals: Odin


AKA: Competition, Excellence, Physical Art

Sport has been forever, but is only achieving Power status in the modern years, when the old gods that represented it are unknown. As more and more athletes become heros, Sport's power grows. Young boys and old men alike watch and partake of Competition's bounty as they dream for their future and relive their past glories.

Currently, Sport is experiencing a major upswing. This comes despite the multiple scandals some of its more prominent faces are undergoing. Money and Sport walk hand in hand, whlie Web's current piracy issues have gotten the power somewhat upset. Nowhere near as upset as are Media and Government though.

Sport's Scions are invariably great athletes, whether they compete professionally or not. Their duties tend to involve scouting for more possible adoptees. What Sport intends to do with these Scions is unknown.

Associated Powers: Epic Strength, Epic Dexterity, Epic Stamina, Technics
Abilities: Athletics, Brawl, Control, Marksmanship, Melee, Thrown
Rivals: Odin, Web


AKA: The Internet, The Innernets, Cyberspace, The Information Superhighway, The Net, World Wide Web

The internet is almost everywhere, and growing every day. Satellite uplinks and hardwired connections criss-cross America and bring Cyberspace into every home. Or at least every home with a slittle connection to Money.

The Information superhighway may be overstepping its bounds lately though. It's belief that only the honest or gullible should pay for information has brought it into direct conflict with the Government and Media. Either of those powers understands the usefulness of the Web as a tool, but can't bear to have their own sovereignty undermined. As such the skirmishes they fight are almost invariably situated only around the copying and disctribution of intellectual property, while the other things Web does go mostly unobstructed. Some wonder if piracy itself isn't merely a shell game that the Net us playing, to keep prying eyes away from its real goal.

The Web almost invariably adopts younh Scions; the older generation tends to be more tied to Media and less capable of understanding the tasks the Internet puts before them. Their duties have been mostly mundane as of yet: protect the image of Geekdom as something to aspire to, increase technical security in some areas, while constantly probing for whole elsewhere, and above all, gather and disseminate knowledge. While the last one may seem altruistic, one need only compare the knowledge being disseminated with reailty to know that the Web does not always relay the facts, but it almost always phrases its assertions as indisputable truth.

Associated Powers: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Mystery, Technics
Abilities: Academics, Art, Awareness, Investigation, Larceny, Science
Rivals: Odin, Media, Government, Sport