Bossu's Jar (•)

This small mason jar is covered in dirt. What little can be seen through the murky glass reveals russet stains and what looks to be dried dirt. The baki Bossu, a minor titanspawn spirit of possession, lives inside the jar and may be called forth and commanded by its holder.

Draugrhorn(Relic •, Guide ••••)

This chalice is plain except for inlayed runes in a repeating pattern. Interlaced stamps of the runes cweorth and ear make up the rim of the cup, and speak to its purpose. The draugrhorn is the ghost cup. It sits at every table in Valhalla, and connects to every man's lips who drinks there. With it the bearer may call up the ghosts of the valiant dead, which act as four-dot guides. Though mostly focused on warfare, as befits their station as Einherjar, there have been many teachers, scientists, and entertainers called off to war and thence to Valhalla. Even a few scions and other supernatural entities have found their way to those hallowed halls, making the knowledge available to their ghosts quite varied. By spending a point of Legend the bearer may sip from the cup and summonup the ghost of a valiant dead soldier. If he knows the name of a ghost, that one is drawn irresistably to him. If no specific entity is called, the bearer may spend three legend points instead to name a category of knowledge or profession, and the cup will do its best to find a spirit capable of answering questions in that realm.

The spirits called by the cup are bound to its service and must answer questions truthfully, but they are not completely compelled by its magic. If an unworthy bearer attempts to seek the cup's knowledge for unvalorour deeds, they will soon find that key bits of information they did not think to specifically seek are missing. If they do not recover quickly, their place in Niflheim may even be assured by a cunnign ploy of one of the wilier dead.

Eldest Futhark (• x 19, ? x 5)

The original runes of the Norse tribe were shown to Odin as he hung upon Yggdrasil. When he came down after nine days, he carved them into a set of 24 runestones, one for each rune shown to him. These runes later became a basis of language called the Elder Futhark, and were simplified into the Younger Futhark by future generations. But those who know the truth know that the originals hold power. Each one points to a different purview and grants its bearer access to those boons. One rune exists for each of the 16 General Purpose Purviews, and another for each of the three Special Purviews. What powers are held inside the remaining five are unknown to any but the man who wrote them, and they have been lost to time.

Each of the basic 19 grants access to one General Purpose or Special Purview. Five are known to be in the hands of Mother Mard, one of the oldest currently living Scions of Odin. She and her father had a falling out, and the crone recently resurfaced in the company of a pair of Frost Giants. The Band destroyed the giants, but Mard escaped. Her runes grant access to the Chaos, Magic, Mystery, Prophecy, and Moon purviews. Odin has expressed a desire to see her stripped of the Birthrights she became unworthy of when she committed whatever acts caused the fissure between them.

Rali's Ass Fat (•)

The ancient cow Rali has lived on the slopes of Kilimanjaro for centuries, and mothered many generations. In that time brave heroes have scaled the slopes to sneak up on her and gather the honey-like clumps of fat that accumulates in the tufts of hair on her tail. They have to be quick though, as her bellow holds the force of a hurricane. The lucky ones who do reap the reward are blessed with the ability to feed their villages for years. When eaten, Rali's Ass Fat grants the characters one use of one boon from the Fertility purview. The maximum rating of this boon is the character's Legend, though the avatar cannot be gained via this method. All activation costs and rolls must be made as normal.

A typical quick grab of hair gathers enough for 3 uses. Killing Rali could harvest as much as 20 doses at once, though would likely draw the ire of the Ashanti who hold her sacred.

Bast's Heart (••)

A golden ring topped with a faceted gemstone orb. At night the it is an orange fire opal, while during the day it is a black diamond. At the moment between sunset and sunrise, or sunrise and sunset, it flashes dimly from within and changes composition.

Wearing it keeps you in tune with your mother's dual nature as Sun Goddess turned Moon Goddess. Whenever you use a boon from the Moon or Sun purview, and you know the opposing purview to that level, the cost is lowered by 1 Legend (to a minimum of 1). If the cost is a multiplier, such as "1L / Missile" for Flare Missile, the cost for the entire action is lowered by one, to a minimum of 1.

Additionally, the secrets of one aspect of your mother help you to discover the secrets of the other. When purchasing a boon for Sun or Moon, the experience point cost is lowered by 1 per dot if you already know the corresponding level of the opposing purview.

Tiger Mask (••)

A shamanic mask passed down from generation to generation, the Tiget Mask depicts Bra' Tiger in his natural form. The mask grants the shaman (or any other user) access to the Health purview. When worn during a ritual it also grants +1 die to Occult tests.

Tossin' Bones (••)

This pouch contains small bones which have been painstakingly carved into the shape of even smaller bones. They grant their owner access to the Prophecy domain and if used in the activation grant potency to the scryer's visions. Prior to making the Prophecy + Intelligence roll, the owner may spend extra Willpower up to his Legend rating. Each Willpower spent grants an extra die to the roll. This does not count as channeling, and so may be done at the same time as the purchase of an extra success. Should the need be great, the user may instead sacrifice permanent dots of Willpower. If he does, they grant bonus successes instead of bonus dice.

Ixion's Glock (••)

Recently purchased on Ebay by an unknown bidder, Tupac Shakur's Glock 9mm has absorbed a bit of his legend, making it as quick as his rhymes and as everlasting as his memory. Much like he never seems to run out of post mortem songs to release, Tupac's Glock will never be found wanting for ammunition. The clip is always full and free of jams. Recently the glock was retrieved from its buyer's corpse.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Tupac's Glock (Glock Template) 3 +1 3L - 20

Wuriupranili's Torch (••)

In Australian aboriginal mythology, Wuriupranili is a solar goddess who carries a torch that is the sun. At the ocean to the West, she douses the torch in water and uses the glowing embers to find her way beneath the Earth back to the East again. In modern times, when she gifts a daughter with a replica she uses the British version of Torh: a flashlight. These small flashlights are close to the size of a ball point pen but put out the light of a halon spelunking lamp. When shined in someone's eyes, the light is powerful enough to cause blindness. The Scion rolls Appearance + Marksmanship + 1, resisted by the target's Stamina + Fortitude. If the Scion roll more successes, the target is blinded for a number of actions equal to the extra successes. This is a Speed 4 action.

Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Wuriupranili's Torch 4 +1 Blindness - 10

Agency Badge (•••)

The badges born by members of The Agency are psychomorphic. This means that when viewed, they take on the form of a badge either the viewer expects to see, or which is being actively projected by the Agent. This effect is automatic against any viewer whose Legend is equal to or lower than the bearer's Legend. Those of higher Legend can see through to the badge's true form if they win an opposed test between the Agent's (Manipulation + Empathy) and the target's (Perception + Occult).

Bird's Feather (•••)

The feathers of Mother Bird herself hold great power. Those blessed by a gift or brave enough to seek out her nest and take one find that it gives access to the Magic and the Sky domain.

When Bird's Feather is burned as part of a ritual, it can add additional power to the preceedings. This takes the effect of a 3-die bonus on the roll used in the ritual, or the first roll used by the object being blessed. This temporarily destroys the feather, which reforms the next dawn, either in the possession of the one who burned it or at the site of its destruction if the user is dead. If the bonus is not used before the feather reforms, it is lost. Bird's Feather may only be burned as part of an Occult ritual.

Kibo's Heart (•••)

Taken from the chest of Kibo, an ancient guardian on Mount Kilimanjaro, this heart is the size of a shriveled prune but it still beats faintly. Its connection to the giant's spirit allows the bearer to channel the purviews of Frost and Guardian, while its connection to his body allows it to squeeze out one dose of eitr per day. This eitr is the equivilent of that of an elder giant, bestowing three bonus dice that can be allocated to Strength or Stamina for the remainder of the scene.

Shango's Axe (•••)

This huge double-bladed axe was given to the warlord Dokubu by his father Shango, and taken from him as spoils when the Scions destroyed his camp to avert a war. When commanded (no action necessary), electricity plays up and down the blades, adding +2 damage. It also weighs less than a normal labrys, and strikes faster.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Shango's Axe (Labrys Template) 5 +1 +10L +0 -

Shango's Figurine (•••)

Dokubu also carried a small figurine which is a miniature altar to Shango. It bears the traditional shape of a pregnant woman kneeling before an altar, beatific cmile on her face and an axe, symbolizing being ridden by Shango, buried in her head. When held by a Scion of a Loan at the start of a use of Cheval, it grants +3 dice on the Intelligence + Control roll.

Super Serum (•••)

Super-Serum works much like Giant Blood and Jotunblut. Indeed, it is created by draining the blood from the appropriate entities and processing it via technological rituals. When injected into a mortal it has the following effects:
Each dose of serum from the same batch will affect the same attributes, but different batches exist. With enough time (usually a week for new recipes, or a day to realign equipment to reproduce an old one), any set of physical and mental attributes can theoretically be modified, but the availability may be limited by the supply of apprpriately aspected ichor or eitr. To allow for the application of attributes and epic attributes, the ichor used in the refinement process must come from either a Scion whose parent favors those abilities, or a Titanspawn whose base race has those epic traits. The actual Scion or donor need not have the traits. For example, a Scion of Odin's ichor can be used to create Super Serum that will grant a dot of Epic Charisama even if the Scion has no dots of his own.

Super Serum has no effect on creatures with a Legend of 2 or higher.

Wuriupranili's Body Paints (•••)

In Australian aboriginal mythology, Wuriupranili is a solar goddess who carries a torch that is the sun. At the ocean to the West, she douses the torch in water and uses the glowing embers to find her way beneath the Earth back to the East again. The colours of dawn and dusk come from the ochre body paints she wears. At times she grants these paints to her daughters, who use them as a conduit to the powers of their homeland and a means of fitting in to any situation.

First, the paints may be used to create any mudane outfit with a simple Dexterity + Art (Painting) roll. Despite appearance, the clothing will never grant more armor than that of heavy clothing (+0L / +1B). Gaining any armor requires two coats and two rolls. Secondly, whenever painted thus, the Scion gains access to the Fire and sun Purviews.

Bra' Tiger Claw (••••)

This claw, pulled directly from Bra' Tiger's paw by the primordial cat himself, was granted to Gunther Koikkolainen in recognition of his barehanded trial by combat with a jaguar and the subsequent Adoption. It fused itself to his flesh and burrowed in, becoming a fully functional retractable claw. Channeling the power of Tiger, it grants access to the Animal purview as well as great prowess in battle. By spending up to his Legend rating in Legend Points when making an attack, the user gains a number of bonus dice on the attack roll equal to the Legend spent. By focusing his will completely (and spending a point of Willpower) the bonus may be made to last for the remainder of the scene instead of just for the attack.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Bra' Tiger Claw (Hadseax Template) 4 +1 +2L +0 -

Caduceus (••••)

The legendary Caduceus, carried by Hermes in his travels, has had its mythology evolve over the centuries. Originally standing as a symbol of commerce, conflict resolution, and trade, the Caduceus has often been confused with the Staff of Asklepios, resulting in its use as a symbol for medicine by many organizations. Today, the golden rod's power remains true to its roots.

When touched to a living being and 1 Legend is spent, the holder may will that being to calmness or sleep. The user rolls Manipulation + Medicine vs. the target's Integrity + Willpower + Legend. If successful, he may instill in the target a sense of calmness for one hour per threshold success. This sense of peace will prevent the subject from acting in an agressive manner, but it ended immediately should he be the target of an attack.

Alternatively, the wielder may enforce a deep sleep. This uses the same roll as instilling calm, but costs 1 Willpower instead, and only lasts for one minute per threshold successs. The sleep is natural, but very deep, imposing a -4 penalty to perception tests to see if a disturbance wakens them.

Lastly, the rod also allows the user to channel the Magic purview.

Mjolnir (••••)

Thor's Hammer, created by the dwarves Sinrdi and Brokkr as a gift to the Aesir, is the mightiest weapon in the Norse mythology. Despite a slightly too short handle caused by Loki's mischief, Mjolnir is used by Thor to slay countless enemies (mostly giants). The 2,000 pound chink of metal can be thrown by anyone strong enough, functioning as an improvised weapon. It's magic negates the normal -2 Accuracy penalty that would apply. As a final gift of dwarven magi, the hammer, when thrown, always returns unerringly to the wielder at the end of his action.

Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Mjolnir 6 +0 +13B +0 As Improvised Weapon

Cat's Pounce (•••••)

This Remington rifle, given to Jewls by his mother Bast, is an excellent weapon of stealth. It may be concealed by merely willing it so, which secrets it away until called forth again. When so hidden, the rifle cannot be found by mortal eyes. Those with Epic Perception must win an opposed Dexterity + Stealth roll with the user. It may only be called forth by the one who hid it, and should that person die it will return to Bast's side. Cat's Pounce is also quick as lightning when used.

Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Cat's Pounce (Remington Template) 4 +3 7L - 200

Hymir's Kettle (•••••)

Hymir's Kettle is a huge iron brewing cauldron (or still if you'd like a more modern aspect). Any beverages placed in it or created using it are multiplied and enhanced.

For 1 Legend the cauldron's user may multiply any drink inside it to fill it instantly. This can turn a single drop of any mundane beverage into 3 gallons. At the same time, the potency and flavor of the drink is increased, adding one die to social checks where the drink plays a role, and subtracting one die from rolls to resist intoxication.

The cauldron has a related, and for some much more useful property as well. If enough Jotunblut or Giant's Blood for two activations is placed in the kettle and the 1 Legend is paid, the blood's potency is increased greatly, adding two dots to it's effectiveness. However, the Loyalty imposed by the brew is unstable, and fades in half the time. Giants (whose blood's Loyalty never fades) must restore that Loyalty after 3 months instead.

The alteration in potency does not change the valid drinkers. Jotunblut • would have the potency of Jotunblut •••, but still only be imbuable into a beast.

For example, Sylvester Guiler has Jotunblut ••, capable of granting two attribute dots and imposing Loyalty for a month. Should he pay 2 health levels and four Legend to activate the boon twice, place the blood in the cauldron, and pay 1 more Legend to activate it, the blood would now grant the effects of Jotunblut ••••: four attribute dots and two -0 health levels. However, instead of the standard 1 month Loyalty of Jotunblut ••, the Loyalty will need to be replenished every two weeks.

Special Agent Badge (•••••)

Advanced members of The Agency use more advanced tools to complete their missions. Among these is the Special Agent Badge. These badges have all of the powers of a normal Agency Badge as well as granting access to the Law and War purviews. Finally, should an Agent flash his badge during a scene, he will gain a +1 die bonus to all social actions targetting anyone present.

Pharaoh's Dja (••••• •)

Carried by the Pharaoh Ankhtify towards the end of the classical Egyptian period, the Dja acted as both weapon and sceptre of state. With his death it passed into the underworld at his side, where it was recently recovered and returned to Earth. The Dja has the basic statistics of a Hasta but with -2 Speed. In addition it channels the Health, Death, and Psychopomp purviews. Finally, the Dja will always return to its owner when thrown, even if it is not thrown by the owner.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Ankhtify's Dja (Hasta Template) 3 1 +3L 0 10

Gungnir (••••• ••)

Once Odin's formidible spear, Gungnir is now in the hands of his Grandson Jack thorson. A mighty weapon which never misses its mark when thrown by the All Father, it has not yet reached its full potential with Jack.

Gungnir uses the Hasts template with a -1 bonus to its Speed. In addition, if used as a weapon or a lever it adds bonus dice equal to the wielder's Legend to any rolls using Strength. Though it has not yet reached the point where it never misses when thrown by Jack, it adds his Legend rating to all Dexterity + Thrown or Dexterity + Melee rolls he makes with it. Finally, much like Jack's last weapon of choice Mjolnir, Gungnir always returns when thrown.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Gungnir (Hasta Template) 4 Legend +1 Legend+3L 0 10

The Staff of Don Pedro (••••• •••)

The Staff of Don Pedro appears as a rusty staff wrought of iron and bone (treat as a Bo staff in combat). A cracked and hazy black crystal sits atop it, held aloft by the chipped and rusty likeness of an ugly, impish creature of unknown origin.

Any creature that suffers at least one box of damage from the weapon may have its spiritual pattern stored within the staff's crystal. The wielder spends a legend point to use this ability when damage is dealt. From then on the wielder can use the staff as a sympathetic genetic link to the victim for any boons or spells that require such a link.

Additionally, the staff's wielder can spend a point of Willpower to energize it with his force of personality for a scene. This causes the staff to emit ephemeral wisps of ectoplasm that drift off from it in lazy arcs, like smoke from a pipe. These wisps flow into any wounds made by the weapon when it injures an opponent and begin siphoning their spiritual energy in an eerie display of faintly luminescent, silver light. In game terms the weapon uses the wielder's Charisma attribute to calculate damage, instead of Strength while this power is active and inflicts Lethal damage to any creatures that have a Legend rating. 1 legend point is transferred to the wielder for every box of damage that is inflicted by the weapon. The weapon cannot transfer more legend points than the victim possesses, nor can it transfer more legend points than the victim has boxes of health.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Staff of Don Pedro (Bo Template) 6 +2 +3B/L 2 -

Enmity's Hand (∞)

Though Horus is generally regarded as calm, conservative, and honorable; few realize that it is because he gave over the keeping of some of his darker urges to the falcon-tipped staff that was constantly at his side. He left it behind when the Gods retired to the Overworld, but the staff still holds much of the enmity that Horus held for Set, and is a ready receptacle for hostility should anyone find it and once again carry it into battle. Until recently, it laid buried in a basement storage room of the British Museum, mislabeled as a simple ceremonial staff.

In combat the staff at first appears to be little more than a finely crafted fighting staff with +1 Accuracy, +2 damage, and +2 defense over the normal Bo template. It's not until the weapon has had a chance to face the same foe in multiple battles that it truly begins to show its power. As it draws on the wielder's growing anger at being unable to finish a fight, it gets stronger and stronger. For every fight beyond the first it has with a given creature it gains +1 accuracy, +1 damage, +1 defense, and -1 speed (minimum 1). In addition in the third and 4th fight with the same enemy it deals lethal damage instead of bashing. A nemesis who manages to survive to do battle 5 or more times causes the damage to increase again, to aggravated.

In order for a battle to count, the staff must actually be wielded against the foe. Simply being in a fight with someone does not increase its powers, nor does being in a fight with the staff but never directing any attacks towards the target. These attacks need not hit, but at least one must be made.
Speed Acc Dmg Def Range
Enmity's Hand (Bo Template) 6 3 +5B +4 -