Background: Juelius and the rest of the band spent quite a while in Dallas, Oregon before moving on to Austin, Nevada. In Salem, Oregon Juelius found a hidden room in the Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse. Inside he was able to contact his mother by burning offerings at an altar to her. (all are real cities)

After the battle he returned to Dallas as a familiar place to hole up and recuperate.


The week after the battle, Jewls is sound asleep in his motel room in Dallas when he is awoken by a horrific howl of pain and rage. The dog-like cry comes from outside and is cut short as the air fills with screeches and hissing. He jumps up, sees the dull red glow of 3:14 on the clock, and rushes outside. Lying on the ground, panting and drooling black blood, is a mastiff the size of a small horse. Around it are a swarm of cats: calicoes, tabbies, persians, siamese, and several types he doesn't recognize. They dance around the dog, darting in when it's distracted and taking out a chunk of flesh or leaving parallel claw slashes.

Rivulets of dark blood drip out into the yard, withering the grass where it flows. The beast is dead and it's rage spent. It just hasn't realized it yet.

Several cats sit and watch placidly, imperiously grooming themselves clean of the gore. A few more nurse wounds. One large calico, her stomach and nipples swollen with pregnancy,

sits beside an unmoving gray tabby. She licks him repeatedly behind the ears, but he is unresponsive.

Jewls's rifle leaps into your hand, but the beast is already dead. The moment it stops twitching the cats lose interest. Most walk away, hopping the fence and disappearing into the night. Several sit down and begin preening and cleaning, while a few rub and purr against Jewls's leg. The black blood on them wipes onto him, but apparently only harms plants. The pregnant female stops licking the fallen male and looks up, staring as if expecting a miracle.

I don't know what I can do to help the brave cat. I will whisper a prayer to Bast to thank her servant for his brave actions, and I will retrieve my book of the going forth by day to aid the brave warrior in its passage into afterlife. I will whisper a prayer to Anubis to lead this brave soul to the hall of judgement and aid it on its path to Osiris. I will read and recite any prayers from the book that I think are relevant.

So far everything is as it was at the end of the battle. You've spent the XP, but haven't received the template yet.

Where did you go after the battle? Are you back in a hotel, your home in D.C., or somewhere else?

As you say the prayers the cat purrs twice, coughs, and goes still. As you pray to Bast, the mother cat's eyes perk up. She licks the dead male's face and body, cleaning him and straightening his fur. Then she slashes twice across his underbelly, exposing the rib cage. Poking through the lungs from where the heart should be is a ring topped with a large orange fire opal. The calico grabs the band in her teeth and struggles to pull it free, then drops it at your side before padding into your __________, hopping clumsily up on your bed, and curling up on your pillow to clean the gore from herself.

On the inside is an inscription: "Find me."

Probably hanging out in Dallas, Oregon. Alot of things happened there, and it's a good remote location to reflect on what happened in the battle.

I'll take the ring and put it on, thanking my mother for the gift. I'll gather my current carvings and start looking for the masson type symbol. I'll leave out some food and drink for the cat crashing in my place, and the window open so it can leave when it likes.

The closest symbol you know of is in Salem, at the Oregon Intellectual Freedom Clearinghouse. It's a short drive, and you arrive around dawn. As you walk up the stairs you notice that the ring has changed to a black diamond. Mr. Ibis is standing at the door, one hand scribbling in a notebook and the other reaching for the handle to let you in. "Good Morning, cousin. I understand you have been the custodian of my tome? I hope it has served you well, but the Falcon has fallen in battle with Akhetaten, and the knowledge contained within is needed elsewhere."

As you walk in with him, he steps behind the desk to pull out a small stone coffer. It looks ancient, and the carvings on the outside show Isis and her twin children: Bast and Horus. He opens the coffer and inside is a necklace linked to all three by design and materials. "I believe this will serve you better in the coming war."

"As well as can be expected, given the resurgence of so many of our ancestors and foes. But we won the war, and in only a week things have already improved. I hear that Brok himself is standing in as advisor to Cheney / Loki for now, and your friend Jack is expected to join him soon. Although knowing Mr. Thorson, it's unlikely to be in a managerial capacity."

"But I ramble. Your mother awaits her offering and your ear."

He steps aside and waves his arm to indicate the back corner where the hidden shrine lays.

It's been too long, I don't remember any NPC's or other PC names other then the dward aid to odin (brok).

I'll go back to the shrine and make my offering.

Cheney and Loki are the same God, and Loki killed Odin during the final battle. Jack Thorson is Sam.

As the smoke from your hand crafted idol drifts up it thickens and merges into your mother's form, her black cat head a full foot shorter than you. She hops up to sit on the altar and stretches luxuriously. "Welcome, my Child. There is much to discuss. The past's spirits are restless, and it falls on cats to protect the masses. It seems our battle with the New awoke the Mother of Snakes, and the fierceness of the struggle shattered her bonds. She must be put back down before she destroys everything that breeds."

"Across the world others are rising, as well. Our old enemy Akhetaten has proclaimed himself God Almighty in Israel, striding out of Jerusalem like Yahweh, El, and Allah all rolled into one. But his eyes will be on the land across the Sinai. I can feel his hatred for the Egypt that categorized and contained him so long ago."

"Should you encounter a Child of this self-styled Alpha and Omega, be wary. The men of the Agency are freewheeling rebels compared to the single mindedness of one of the Hosts of Heaven."

She whispers "a'nen, maa' baketi"* and Cat's Pounce appears in her hands. She holds the barrel to her mouth and continues speaking to it in ancient Egyptian for a little under a minute. She then plucks the clip out, pulls an ancient looking sling stone from a pouch at her side, and gently slides it into the clip before reseating the cartridge and handing you back the rifle. "Be sure to keep your distance should you slay an angel of the lord." The last is said with mocking derision and an ironic smile. "They tend to work like today's fanatics of Allah, exploding when destroyed."

"Now, shoot me."

* You've got two dots of Academics and only Chinese listed. If you speak Ancient Egyptian, she said "come back, my loyal hand," using the feminine version of hand (baket rather than bak). Her further whispers are a combination of incantations and words of encouragement. Modern Egypt speaks Arabic. If you activate The Unlidded Eye while she is doing it, you can tell she is pouring her power into the weapon, making it a more powerful weapon. The sling stone is also a relic.

Arabic makes more sense (especially with my military background), as my studies of ancient egypt are still recent.

Knowing that shooting a God does nothing, at least not yet. I follow her command, but make sure to aim someplace non-vital.

You lift the rifle and Bast begins whispering something inaudible under her breath. The first shot goes completely wild as she vanishes into thin air. But you still hear the whispers, and use them to follow her around the room. The tighter you focus, the more you understand of the words, which are a litany of Ancient Egyptian proverbs, in modern Arabic.

"The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature."

"People bring about their own undoing through their tongues."

"To know means to record in one's memory; but to understand means to blend with the thing and to assimilate it oneself."

"An answer brings no illumination unless the question has matured to a point where it gives rise to this answer which thus becomes its fruit. Therefore learn how to put a question."

Her voice grows louder, a normal chant.

"What reveals itself to me ceases to be mysterious—for me alone: if I unveil it to anyone else, he hears mere words which betray the living sense: Profanation, but never revelation."

"All cognition comes from inside; we are therefore initiated only by ourselves, but the Master gives the keys."

She is almost shouting now, and you realize that you are glowing from within. The light paints her shadow on the wall as she dances around the room.

"If you defy an enemy by doubting his courage you double it."

"A phenomenon always arises from the interaction of complementaries. If you want something look for the complement that will elicit it. Set causes Horus. Horus redeems Set."

"Man, know thyself ... and thou shalt know the gods."

The last is a shout as loud as a lion's roar, and your barrel fires a flare that slams into her. She reappears leaning against the wall, panting and smiling. A large whelp is on her left arm, and for a brief moment you see beneath the flesh, catching a glimpse of purple muscle and cracked bone. She rubs it for a moment and your new sight recedes as the contusions heal.

"What have you learned?" It's only then that you realize her voice has never gone above a whisper until now.

Many things, I have learned that power of force requires power of mind to utilize it. Also I should not let my growing abilities make me underestimate my enemies. To know my enemies is not enough to best them, I must understand them.... The only think that confuses me is the statement about compliments, are you saying to stop the Aztez goddess that wishes to destroy all born life, I must seek her compliment?

"These are life lessons, not prophecies, but that is a distinct possibility. Perhaps the Child of Quetzalcoatl could help you on that road."

She walks around the room, still slightly translucent. In each corner she lights a scented candle. She reaches behind the altar and you hear a faint click as the room fills with peaceful flute, drum, and harp music. She unrolls a prayer mat and bids you to sit. "Open your mind to the flow of this new world. Seek the source of the knowledge I have imparted."

You sit and relax, and cast your mind out into the world. Somewhere between five and five thousand minutes later you begin to hear a faint buzzing sound. As you focus tighter on it, the buzz becomes a pattern, and then you see the picture beneath it. Somewhere behind the altar is a laptop, it's internet connection pointing to a website full of ancient Egyptian proverbs (

I'll start reflecting on these proverbs and try to find how the fit me, or can improve my condition in life. Understanding that the power of the divine, heavens, and the creator have flowed through my mother and father into me, I'm beginning to understand that my increased powers are just me discovering myself and tapping the potential that is already present.

As you focus on the proverbs and the page itself, you find yourself instinctively interacting with it. By the time you're done you've hacked into their website and edited the web page to make it more legible. You see a couple of proverbs that are off by a word, and can fix them if you want. You got enough successes on Epic Int alone you could add some bells and whistles, like Hieroglyphic translations for the texts that pop up when you hover over the proverb. Or you could splatter it with "Jewls pwns yo wannaba punk asses!"

As you come to the realization that you are already on the path to godhood, Bast's voice intrudes on your thoughts. "Excellent my son. Do you have any questions? I wish to go quickly to explore the slopes of Olympus now that Coatlicue has shown us the way. The Greeks and Egyptians have a long history, and their absence in the mortal world should be investigated."

You know that Dr. Juan supposedly met Hermes and tried to help him out but failed. Your new intellect also points to the possibility that the Dion whose party you attended was a close friend of Odin, and so may have been Dionysus in disguise.

I'll let her know about Hermes contacting Dr. Juan to stop the downgrading of mecury, which Dr. Juan failed to do, and of Dionysus's possible presence at the party in California and his association with Odin.

I will wish her safe travels, and thanks for the continued insight.

(on the web page, I'll make the corrections, and have pop ups end with "Provided courtesy of Jewls, whom pwns yo punk asses!"

She remarks, somewhat admiringly, that Hermes has ever been one to slip past boundaries. She'll let it be known amongst supernaturals that she is seeking him out, but doubts she'll be able to find him if he wants to remain hidden. It's impossible to find a secret that moves faster than your eyes.

Alright, time to work on getting mercury declared as a planet again. This may spurr Hermes into contacting my mother.

I hear all you'd have to do is make a bunch of astronomers think you're a crazy guy with AIDS.

I like doing things hard, so I'll pass on that. ;)

Instead I'll probably find some way to discredit the lead astronomer, and have rush possess him and have him admit publicly that he lied/cheated/whatever. Death would be soon to follow.

Cool. It looks like everyone is officially done with their Visitations.