When you return to your hotel room the desk clerk gives you a message from your Uncle Eleazar. He’s not really an uncle, but is tied to your father through years of friendship and business, so honor demands he be given an honorary place in the family. It says that your father wishes to speak with you about the events from the news, and urges you to return home with all haste.

<insert anything you want to do before leaving>

Nothing I can think of doing other then claiming the child and making sure to take it with me to visit my father.

I don't think having the cab driver come in would be the best choice. I will just tell him to leave and I will call another cab...of course only if he clears security on the way out.

I will tell him everything I know about what he asks, speaking clear and confindently, while trying to get a better look at the pictures on his desk.

When you make it to Mexico City you land as usual and get a cab to your father’s estate. A few blocks out the police have cordoned off the area with roadblocks and foot patrols. The officer at the roadblock lets you passed after checking a list of names and pictures.

You go another two blocks in and meet another roadblock, this time manned by tattooed thugs in leathers and jeans armed with large caliber guns and rifles. They wave you forward and one of them checks your face to a copy of the list. You are allowed in, but they insist that the cab driver stay outside. He doesn’t seem pleased to be stuck out here with them, and you get the impression that you could talk them into letting him in if you wanted.

<let me know if you do>

Inside the estate you drive up the manicured lawn and to the front of your father’s modern mansion with old world style. Javier takes your bags and Thalia brings you your favorite drink. As Javier goes upstairs with your bags, your father’s personal assistant Jesus ushers you into the library where your father sits. Although you’ve known since your first Visitation that your father was Quetzalcoatl, God of Science, Self-Sacrifice, Butterflies, and more, this is the first time you’ve seen him in ancient dress. His feathered serpent hat stretches high as he stands behind a desk. His old form is mostly bare except for a sash clasped with a white buckle. Behind him a huge representation of the Aztec calendar hangs on the wall over a large western-facing window.

He looks up from his stack of bark-paper and glossy satellite photographs. “Mother has come home and she is angry. You must tell me everything you know.”

The photographs show a huge blur that can only be Coatlicue cutting a swath of destruction across America, heading Northwest and then fading away at the foothills of some mountains in Washington. When he sees you eyeballing them he turns them over to face you and spreads them out so you can see easily. He points to the mountains and asks you what is special about them.

The mountain range he points to is the Olympic Mountains in Western Washington. The only thing of possible significance your Epic Intelligence and decent Survival skills point you to is Mount Olympus, named after the home of the Greek Gods.

The other photo packets are:

1) A wide expanse of ocean being rocked with underwater explosions. Van sized chunks of bloody water fly hundreds of yards into the sky. Labeled "Caribbean Underworld - Agwe." Agwe is the Loa of the Dead.

2) A pristine expanse of jungle. Centered in the picture is a lake with an island in its center. Not labeled.

3) A rundown sector of a rundown city labeled "Haiti - a gathering."

4) There are several photos of various press conferences held by President Cheney, but they're from such a high altitude that it's hard to make out details. In one there is a red circle around a vaguely man-shaped smudge on a rooftop several blocks away.

You tell the story of your battle and the events leading up to it, prompted with questions every now and then. He is especially interested in Huitzilopitchli's presence. After you've told everything you can recall, he tells Jesus to go get Mixcoatl. A minute later a man comes in wearing a black mask over his eyes. He is otherwise naked except for a loincloth and candy cane red and white stripes painted over his body. Your father hands him the satellite photo that shows Coatlicue disappearing and says "we need to know."

Mixcoatl, also called Cloud Snake, is the father of the 400 gods who ended up getting their hearts eaten by Huitzilopitchli for attacking Coatlicue when Quetzalcoatl was born. Mixcoatl goes to the window behind Quetzalcoatl and steps through it. On the other side he grows giant red rooster wings and flies away to the North.

Quetzalcoatl turns to you. "It appears the time of our penance is upon us. You must be prepared. Come with me." He walks out of the room and leads you out of the house. He takes you through the streets, with Jesus trailing a few steps behind. You pass several groups of the Mexican Mafia, and they give him his proper reverence. At one point a guy that doesn't recognize him starts to crack a joke about the naked old man, but he's pistol whipped into silence before he can finish it.

Quetzalcoatl picks up a police honor guard at the borders of the cordoned off area and continues to walk you into downtown, stopping outside the National Museum of Anthropology, located in historic Chapultepec Park. he nods to the gate guards and takes you into the basement. Inside one of the storage chambers is a massive Chac Mool. He bids you to climb into the sacrificial bowl and lay down. Jesus hands Quetzalcoatl a Tecpatl, a ceremonial knife made of flint. He then turns to offer you a hand in your climb up the statue.

Dr. Juan does not hesitate to climb into the bowl and lay down. Looking into his father's eyes and showing no signs of fear nods and prepares himself mentally for what is to come.

Jesus climbs up beside you and places his hands on your arms. Quetzalcoatl climbs up the other side and draws the blade across your chest, bisecting the chest wall. He makes another cut along the exact same line and a painful groove is bored into your sternum. One last cut and his hands dips in to carefully tug your heart free of your rib cage.

The pain ebbs and flows and you pas out for a moment. When you fade back in, there is nowhere near as much blood as an unassisted surgery should have, and Jesus is still massaging your sides and rib cage. Quetzalcoatl has opened his own chest, and he now holds two hearts in his hands, both beating rhythmically. He puts one of them inside your chest and seals the wound with a touch of his palm. The pain instantly fades and you feel ancient strength coursing through you. Whispers from the past ricochet across your mind and you understand many things that had only been glimpsed before.

Jesus climbs back down and Quetzalcoatl ushers you back to the ground. He beats upon a drum and footsteps can be heard in the distance. Moments later five men bearing the feather-coated shields and body paint of cuāuhtli, the Eagle Warriors, pad barefoot into the room. They drop to one knee as Quetzalcoatl hands you the spirit drum. "Our hearts are one now, my son. Let us forget our past transgressions and move forward to a new day. Coatlicue comes, and she does not come alone. I fear all of Terra may be arrayed against us if we are not quick."

Quetzalcoatl continues, "What do you know of the goddess Itzpapalotl?"

Itzpapalotl was one of the tzitzimime: star daemons that devoured people during solar eclipses, and a sister to Coatlicue. She was gifted with power over life and death, capable of creating and destroying at will. She was known as the obsidian butterfly, becuase her blackened flesh belied her power over death, while her beautiful stained glass wings showed she was not wholly destructive.

She was a divisive creature by nature. Her actions were never the cause of conflicts, merely her presence. Because of her power she was granted control over Tomoanchan, the Aztec paradise and the place where humanity was created.

When you've told him, he adds "she is still there in Tomoanchan, a realm that has been cut off from us. But it is possible that when Coatlicue's seal was broken, other barriers also fell. I hear rumors of Cipactli in the Atlantic, and the whole world witnessed The Golden One's return to Jerusalem. If we can get to her, the Clawed Butterfly's help could be instrumental in the coming fight.

"Did you ever take typing courses? A common sentence for testing typing speeds is 'Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.' It's more than just our country that needs us now. Do you think perhaps you and your friends could make the journey to Tomoanchan and convince Itzpapalotl to join us?"

"My friends are warriors, I have not seen thier ability to be diplomatic yet." "However I think we could convience Itzpapalotl to join the battle."

"Tomoanchan has been closed for three centuries. I would not be surprised if your friends found ways to exercise their talents on the journey. To find Tomoanchan one must climb to the top of my birthplace, Coatepec Mountain in central Mexico. It's top in this world was sheered off during Huitzilopitchli's fight with Coatlicue. He tore it off with his bare hands and crushed poor Coyolxauhqui beneath it. But it still exists in Tomoanchan."

"When you reach the plateau, there is more yet to climb. Perform the minor ritual of oblation, declare and prove your true parentage, and the way will open. Atop that mountain is a temple, and atop that is the tree from whence Tomoanchan gains it's glyph. From the branches of the tree you will be able to see Itzpapalotl's island home."

The minor ritual of oblation requires slicing the palms of each hand with an obsidian blade (1 lethal). Proving your heritage requires activating a boon from a purview associated with your parent.

You've been to Coatepec Mountain. Quetzalcoatl took you there as a child and told you stories of the old times. The Hindus believe Coatepec Mountain to be one of the chakras of the world, and built the Ashram de Coatepec there when you were a child. Your father took you several times to admire and envy their tranquility.

Coatepec: The flat-topped mountain on the left is Coatepec

Cascada de Xico: A popular meditation center on the mountain.

I was just looking for a picture of the Ashram, and got lucky. :) Here's a picture of Quetzalcoatl outside the Iglesia Dedicada a Maria Magdalena, a church near the Ashram.

"I'm sorry, son. With the recent events I almost forgot your birthday." Your father walks to the nearest large crate and tugs the lid off with one hand. He rummages around, searching for something, then draws out a cracked Crystal Skull. He draws the ritual dagger across his arm and allows the blood to drip into the crack, where it forms a solid plug. He breathes on the blood, which turns momentarily to ice, then to crystal, healing the wound in the skull.

"Let this be a reminder that though you may be broken, you will never be cast aside so long as my blood flows within your veins." He brushes away the blood on his arm and the wound is gone.

Crystal Skull (Relic 1)
While holding this skull in your hand, you may effect yourself with boons from the Health domain. However, wound penalties you would normally receive (regardless of Epic Stamina) are treated as negative successes rather than negative dice. For example, if you have taken 4 boxes of bashing damage, your Stamina + Medicine roll for Heal would lose two successes.