The system I'll be using is probably White Wolf's Scion, but anything could fit. It's geared towards a attribute + skill game. The idea behind it is in this thread and this thread. At this point, since there are no stats, there is also no rolling. Unless something doesn't fit the genre (modern thriller), the action is automatically successful. Some actions may have varying degrees of success possible. Let the player decide how well their character does and tally it accordingly. If it doesn't fit the genre, and no way to make it fit can be found, it automatically fails.

The scenes are more railroad-y than I prefer, but the character sheet filling kinda requires it. They could be filled with impromptu gaming as well, and almost certainly will be in some places, so the scenes provide a blueprint but not a finished product.

As much as possible I've tried to describe scenes in terms of Schrödinger's Scenery. That is, scenery and NPCs which are only given the briefest of description, and filled in based on the players' questions. So instead of a "sturdy, metal cot" it's just a cot. If at all possible, try to answer the questions in a way that reacts positively to the PC's plan. If they ask how big the air duct is, they probably want to climb through it, so it needs to be big enough to be usable.

For bonuses given, if a character assists another in a task, they get half the boost, while the character suggesting it still gets the full amount.

Just keep running tallies right now. Character sheets are filled in at the end of the adventure.