Uthiul, the Vitreous Jailers;
Demons of the First Circle;
Progeny of Kassat, the Vigilant Collector

There is no set shape to an Uthiul, merely a color, a glassy, smoky, and empty grey that neither reflects light nor lets it through. They hide easily, rarely larger than a handful of their substance, and move quickly to engulf anything that catches their eye, or that a sorceror commands them to consume. Their touch is smooth and cool, and in less than a minute, the tiny blob can engulf a large man, and then suddenly collapse back to its regular size. Anything or anyone thus eaten goes Elsewhere, to remain until the Uthiul elects to give up what it has eaten.

Uthiul are illiterate, and as such make poor choices for stealing anything that requires language to interpret. In addition, while they can understand their summonerss and their misstress's orders, they are incapable of speech themselves.

Summoning: (Obscurity 1/3) Sorcerers who call the uthiul usually do so for greedy reasons. The vitreous jailers are adept at finding the things they are sent to get, but their intellect usually interferes unless the summoner has a picture. Thus most sorcerers send them after vague concepts such as "piece of jade" or "orichalcum daiklave" rather than exact items such as "the Duchess of Windsmeer's favorite hat." In this Kassat excels, for she always knows exactly what the things she seeks looks like, though it is debatable whether she knows how she knows. Rarely, a vitreous jailer is called to Creation when a thief dies in the attempt to steal something incredibly valuable. In these instances, the uthiul's overriding urge is to steal that thing and take it to the mistress. If an uthiul is prevented from engulfing the thing it was sent to steal, its player must roll one die, with a success inflicting one point of Limit.

Motivation: Bring things to the mistress or their summoner
Attributes: Strength 1, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3; Charisma 1, Manipulation 3, Composure 3; Perception 4, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 1
Abilities: Athletics 2, Awareness 3 (The Thing it Wants +2), Dodge 3, Integrity 2 (Staying on Mission +3), Larceny 4, Martial Arts 3 (Grabbing the target +3), Resistance 3, Stealth 4, Survival 2, Thrown 3

Essence: 3
Essence Pool: 55

Charm Name Effect Cost Type Duration Page
Overflow Supplements a clinch attack, allowing the uthiul to clinch targets much larger than it and to use Dexterity on the attack roll. This ability only functions when used against a target it was sent to retrieve. 5m
Supp Instant Custom
Materialize Materializes 40m Simple Varies GE 142
First Excellency Add up to 3 dice to Stealth or Larceny 1m / die Supp Instant GE 141
Tracking Know distance and direction to the closest item the uthiul has been tasked with retrieving. This does not require commited motes on the target, but can only be used to track the singular thing that the uthiul is currently hunting. 5m Instant Instant GE 149
Keep it Safe The uthiul sends a creature or object it has engulfed into Elsewhere. The hidden thing then stays there, safe until the uthiul releases the motes, at which point the target returns to the clinch (rerolling join battle if necessary, though release of the motes is usually a prelude to release of the clench and delivery of the target to the summoner). This ability only functions when used against a target the vitreous jailer was sent to retrieve. 20m, 1w Simple Indef Custom

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 6 (8 if attacking a target)
Soak: 6L/ 9B/ 4A (Fluid Form 4L / 6B; Pierced: 4L/ 6B/ 2A; Armorless: 2L/ 3B/ 0A;)
Health Levels: -0/-1/-2/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 5 (small size inflicts a -1 external penalty to large attackers unless the uthiul is engaged in a clinch with a larger creature)

Attack Speed Rate Accuracy Damage Range PDV
Clinch 6 1 4 / 7* 1BP - -
Glass Spike 4 2 4 3L - 2
Glass Spike, Launched5173L15-
* The number before the slash is a normal attack. The number after the slash is when using Overflow. In either case, the uthiul gets a +3 specialty bonus against it's tasked target.

Social Combat

Mental Dodge DV: 4, 6 when staying on target, though usually only the summoner can converse with an uthiul.

Attack Speed Rate Cha Man PDV
A vitriolic jailer's linguistic difficulties prevent it from making social attacks

Other Notes: Originally detailed (but not statted) here.