Hereket, the Sand that Moves
Third Circle Demon
Fetich Soul of Cecelyne

Hereket, the fetich soul of Cecelyne, embodies the principles of exapansion and transformation. It is because of her that the creatures of the desert burrow and gnaw at the edges of Cecelyne and transform them to the endless desert. Where she walks, Cecelyne appears. Because of this, no Solar has ever summoned her to Creation. Once the Infernal sorceror Farseeing Eye of Night summoned her into Creation and commanded her to convert the realm of Halta into the endless sands. She started on the task but was beset upon almost immediately by a combined strike force of heavenly soldiers and Sidereals. Hereket almost suffered a permanent death that day, and Farseeing Eye of Night paid the price with his life. Since then, Cecelyne has let it be known amongst all infernal sorcerers that if they summon her she will find a way to destroy them.

But that doesn't mean she has given up her dream of converting all of Creation into silver sand. Instead she took the form of a scare middle-aged woman in the Oasis of False Waters. She hopes that a powerful enough traveler may one day be able to walk her out of the desert, where she can begin a less overt campaign of metamorphosis.

Summoning (Obscurity 3/5): Sorcerers do not summon the Sand that moves. Those who are allies of Creation fear the repercussions to the world, while those who are not fear the repercussions to themselves.

Motivation: To expand the sands of Cecelyne so that they cover every corner of every realm. Hereket's inimacies include Cecelyne, wastelands, those she has transformed (especially her Akuma), and the beating glare of Ligier.
Attributes: Strength 8, Dexterity 10, Stamina 10; Charisma 9, Manipulation 9, Composure 12; Perception 8, Intelligence 7, Wits 7
Abilities:Archery 8, Athletics 8 (feats of strength +3), Awareness 10 (escapees +3), Bureaucracy 9, Craft 10, Dodge 9 (in deserts +3), Integrity 10, Investigation 10, Larceny 6, Linguistics 10 (Native: Old Realm; Others: Earthtongue, Flametongue, Forest-tongue, Skytongue, numerous languages invented by her Children), Lore 10, Martial Arts 10, Medicine 10 (poisons +5), Melee 9, Occult 10 (The Art of Alchemy +3, The Art of Geomancy +3, The Art of Husbandry +3), Performance 9 (The Law +5), Presence 9 (The Law +5), Resistance 10 (poison +5), Ride 7, Sail 9, Socialize 9 (The Law +5), Stealth 10 (in deserts +3), Survival 10 (deserts +3), War 9 (Deserts +3)
Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 5, Temperance 4, Valor 3
Backgrounds: Allies 4 (several akuma and infernals), Cult 5, Followers 5, Resources 5, Backing (Szoreny) 4, Contacts 5 [her descendants in Hell], Cult 4, Influence (Cecelyne’s followers) 5

Essence: 9
Essence Pool: 190
Willpower: 10 (15 points)

Charm Name Effect Cost Type Duration Page
First Excellency Add up to 9 dice to Athletics, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Craft, Dodge, Investigation, Linguistics, Lore, Martial Arts, Medicine, Occult, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Ride, Socialize, Stealth, Survival, Thrown, War. Also First Cecelyne Excellency 1m / die Refl Instant GE 141
Second Excellency Add up to 4 successes to Archery, Athletics, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Craft, Dodge, Investigation, Lore, Medicine, Occult, Presence, Resistance, Survival, War. Also Second Cecelyne Excellency 2m / Success Refl Instant GE 141
Third Excellency Reroll Archery, Athletics, Bureaucracy, Craft, Dodge, Investigation, Medicine, Presence, Resistance, Socialize, War. Can also add 5 to dodge DV 3m Refl Instant GE 141
Divine (Ability) Subordination Awareness, Bureaucracy, Dodge (Conviction Flaw), Martial Arts (Conviction Flaw), Socialize. Can never be used outside of desert environments 5m, 1w Refl Instant GE 142
Materialization Become material 95m Simple Indef
Principle of Motion Hereket typically stores 10 actions 5m, 1w Simple Indef
Hand of Change Hereket's touch is the catalyst o transformation, dragging the world and its inhabitants closer to a hel on earth. Whenever Assumption of Ownership is active, anything she touches suffers the effects of the Hand of Change, which acts as both a poison and a shaping effect that transforms the victim into a warped version of themselves. (Damage 3L, Toxicity 3L, Tolerance Stamina / 1 hour, Penalty -1).  Each health level inflicted in an attack also causes one or more tansformations. 1HL = a Pox, 2HL = an Affliction, 3HL = a Derangement, 4HL = an Abomination.

These effects wear off when the damage is healed, though if a victim is killed by the Hand he is instead permanently transformed into a warped creature of Hereket's, sheds their most extreme negative mutation, gains 1d10 beneficial mutations, and becomes a creature of darkness. To determine the mutation roll 1d10: 1-3=Core, 4-6=The Wyld, 7-9=Lunars, 10=Infernals. Then determine the change randomly. Or just pick one. :-D

Finally, anyone who hits her with a barehanded attack is also subject to the effects. Should Cecelyne feel threatened enough to grant Hereket access to her charms, anyone who misses with a melee or martial arts attack due to an activation of Sand Through Fingers Defense must make a reflexive wits + (attacking ability) roll against a difficulty of 3 or come into contact with the sand. Anyone caught inside her Infinite Expansion suffers the effects of one dose at the end of each of her actions.
- - - Custom
Assumption of Ownership Wherever Hereket lays her hands or feet, the area within five yards turns to silver sand. Buildings collapse, trees rot in moments, and mortal flesh ages and decays within seconds. The Sand that Moves can turn this ability off, though she must spend a point of Willpower each scene in which she suppresses her overriding goal, and she is loathe to do so unless there is a chance at greater transformations in the future. Should she have been summoned to Creation, she gains a point of Limit for each scene in which she is prevented from transforming the world to sand. 10m Refl Scene Custom
Prison of Infinity With a successful clinch, Hereket draws a victim into herself, a sanctum which looks exactly like Cecelyne herself. A victim can wander forever inside her and never find an edge. Hereket is loathe to use this ability, as she fears what may happen if someone more powerful than she suspected were to make their way into her sanctum. 5m Supp Instant Custom
Constant Motion The sands of Hereket are constantly shifting and renewing themselves. Her DVs are not lowered by onslaught or multiple action penalties and her natural armor canot be pierced. Perm Permanent Permanent Custom
Sheathing the Material Form +1B / .5l per mote, up to 27 motes 1m+ Simple Scene GE 166
Infinite Expansion Hereket begins growing and does not stop until she releases the motes from this charm or the scene ends, at which point she returns to her normal size. Each action spent growing in this manner increases her current size by approximately 50%. It also increases her Strength and Stamina by 2. This increases her accuracy and damage with martials arts by 2, her Bashing soak by 2, and her lethal soak by 1. Unfortunately, the larger she gets the easier she is to hit, decreasing her dodge DV by 1 for each instance of enlargement. 5m, 1w Simple Scene Custom
Scorpion-Tailed Mirage Technique Attack up to 7 targets once. Can combine attacks on one target if using the first cecelyne excellency. Attacks are via colocation, so if 5 go at one person the 5th is unexpected. 4m, 1w Extra-action Instant Infernals 122
Emerald Circle Sorcery Lots of spells, though with desert themes
Sapphire Circle Sorcery Lots of spells, though with desert themes
All Cecelyne Charms
Includes 3m perfect dodge, a 5m 1w perfect dodge that lasts the action, a 5m 1w perfect defense against shaping, and Dune-Burst Onslaught (one-time environment is 14LP and trauma 9).
Lots of other charms Go crazy, as long as it's thematic

Physical Combat

Join Battle: 17 (20 vs. Escapees)
Soak: 31L/59B/26A (Shifting Form 12L/12B; Cannot Be Pierced; Sheathing the Material Form: +14L/27B; 14L/27B Hardness)
Health Levels: -0/-1x15/-2x15/-4/Incap
Dodge DV: 14, 16 in deserts (note that her DV never suffers from onslaught or multiple action penalties).

Attack Speed Rate Accuracy Damage Range PDV
Punch 5 2 18 10B* - 10
Kick 5 1 16 13B* - 8
Clinch 6 1 18 10BP* - -
Glass Spike 4 2 18 18LP* - -
* Hereket's touch is known as the Hand of Change. See the charm for stats.

Social Combat

Mental Dodge DV: 11, 13 vs. Supernatural Influence

Attack Speed Rate Cha Man PDV
Presence (+5 The Law) 4 2 18 18 9
Performance (+5 The Law) 6 1 18 18 9
Investigation 5 2 19 19 -