Far Realms

For description, see Manual of the Planes page 212. However, the following planar traits are in effect.

No Gravity: those in the far realms drift aimlessly. At the start of the creature's turn it drifts one square in a random direction.

Maddened Time: Time is meaningless in the Far Realms. A minute here is 0 time on any other plane, though durations still count as normal.

Infinite Size: The far Realms are infinite, though each layer is finite.

Highly Morphic: The layers continually break, split, merge, spawn, and breathe at the behest of the creatures that rule this realm.

Unpredictable Morphology: At the beginning of every round roll 1d10. On a 1 a storm is coming. Roll d100.

01-30 Energy wave The storm is visible three layers away and gets one layer closer on each round. When it arrives a random energy type washes over the layer dealing 5d6 damage to everyone inhabiting that layer. To determine the energy type roll 1d8: 1=fire, 2=cold, 3=acid, 4=sonic, 5=electricity, 6=positive, 7=negative, 8=force. An energy wave affects any given layer for 1d6 rounds, including the first.
31-50 Magical Surge A magical surge appears immediately, though it is completely invisible unless the character has some sort of ability to detect magic active. Once its effects have been felt a spellcraft check DC 15 will let the character determine its effects. The DC to avoid wild magic effects is increased by 10 (to 25 + spell level). If a character succeeds by 10 or more they may choose one metamagic feat they know to apply to the spell. A magical surge lasts 1d10 rounds or until cancelled by a magical ebb.
51-70 Magical Ebb There is no longer a chance of a wild surge, but a caster must succeed at a caster level check DC 15 + spell level or be unable to gather the forces necessary to effect he spell. The slot or power points are not lost, though the action is. A magical ebb lasts 1d10 rounds or until cancelled by a magical surge.
71-80 Physical Warp A physical warp is the stretching and bending of the layers themselves. It is seen two layers away as a fast-approaching ripple in the layers. It lasts one round, during which whenever a distance is calculated roll 1d6. On a 1 or 2 the distance is halved. On a 3 or 4 it remains the same. On a 5 or 6 it is doubled. Note: this also applies to melee ranges.
51-70 Time Warp A time warp appears instantly, though afterwards the victims remember having seen the effects approach slowly across the layers as things and Things popped in and out. Each creature in the affected region rolls 1d3-1 to determine how many rounds they are shunted into the future. This effect otherwise functions as the psionic power Time Hop.
91-99 Thoughts of an Old One A bodiless ancient creature of the realms cast its mind upon a layer. All present must make three will saves or be affected as follows: Stunned 1d4 rounds (DC 15), then Confused 1d4 rounds (DC 20), then stricken by a random insanity (DC 25). An old one's thoughts invade in an instant, but the effects linger.
TODO: need link to random insanity generator. There's gotta be one out there somewhere.
100 Maelstrom Roll twice, keeping both results except for Magical Ebb and Magical surge. Should those both be rolled, reroll the second until a different result occurs.

A storm lasts 1d6 rounds. Multiple storms can overlap, though a magical surge and a magical ebb will cancel one another out in a blast that deals 10d6 force to all in the layer where they meet.

No alignment: Though seemingly formed of chaos, the Far Realms have no alignment traits.

Wild Magic: A caster in the Far Realms must succeed on a caster level check DC 15 + spell level or roll onthe Wild Magic table. If the second edition Tome of Magic is available, roll on it.

Universal Magic: Psionics and magic are completely tranparent in the Far Realms. This does not affect a character's virtual skill ranks.

Maddening: Upon first visiting the Far Realms and every minute after, a non-native must make a will save DC 20 or be afflictedby a random insanity. The DC increases by one for every day spent there.

Movement: Movement within one of the layers depends upon the layer itself. Most layers have either no surfaces upon which to gain traction (including flight) or are composed of a viscous substance. In layers with no substance at all, movement is only possible through magical flight. Wings or other physical means do the traveller no good. In layers filled with liquid a traveller may move as if swimming (DC 15 to move 1/4 base land speed). Travellers can also hitc a ride on one of the milky white rivers flowing through the layers (see below).

Milky Rivers: