Crystal Skull
Price: by weight
Body Slot: - (Held)
Caster Level: none
Aura: faint enchantment
Activation: Free or Swift (use activated)

Bloodstones are rare and prized for their innate magical power. Believed to be the actual blood of Oerth that seeps to the surface from some deep wound, bloodstones are only found in one place: the Bloodstone Mines in the Valley of the Mage.

Bloodstones contain the congealed magical might of the planet, allowing them to act as a universal material component: that is, they can replace any material component in any spell. However, as the spells were not designed for bloodstone use, it requires more raw energy from the stones than it would from the appropriate component. Using bloodstones to replace a material component is a free action and requires twice as much bloodstone as the base component. For example, using bloodstones to replace the 100gp pearl used in the Identify spell would require 200gp worth of bloodstones to be destroyed.

Bloodstones cannot replace foci, but should a focus be made of bloodstones for use with a spell whose focus does not have to be made from a specific material it will cost half as much. For example, a set of bloodstone runesticks for use with an Augury spell would cost 12gp instead of 25gp but a mirror for a Scrying spell could not be fashioned from bloodstone as it must be made from silver.

Even more important to powerful spellcasters and psychics, bloodstones can be used to replace the experience point cost of a spell. Doing so destroys five times the xp cost in bloodstones. For example, using bloodstones to cast Limited Wish or manifest Bend Reality, both of which normally cost 300xp, would instead use up 1,500gp worth of bloodstones. Using bloodstones in this manner requires a swift action.

Bloodstone gems are always mined in their natural state: smooth and polished stones that would take a gemsmith weeks to grind down by hand. They are dark green like the needles of a pine tree and get their name from the blood-red flecks that spatter and mar their otherwise pristine color.