House Rules

Open-Ended Rolls

A 1 is not an automatic failure, nor is a 20 an automatic success. Instead a 1 is treated a -10 and a 20 is counted as a 30.

Extended Death's Door

Instead of going to -10 before death, a character can go to negative (their character level).

Death from Massive Damage

Nope, not gonna do it.

Psionics / Magic Transparency

Psionics and Magic are semi-transparent. SR is at -2 vs. powers, and PR is at -2 vs. spells. In addition, someone with ranks in Psicraft is considered to have half that many ranks in Spellcraft and vice versa. Likewise, ranks in Knowledge(Psionics) and Knowledge(Arcana) are interchangable with the same 1/2 ranks ratio. DCs to dispel an effect from the opposite of the divide are likewise increased by 2.

Mook Template

Hit Dice: A mook has minimum hit points for its hit dice and constitution modifier. Hit dice are unchanged.

Attack: A mook's attack bonuses and types are unchanged, but it is always considered to roll average damage (round down). Mooks do not get iterative attacks from a high BAB.

Special Qualities: All mooks whose CR is less than 10 gain Evasion and Mettle, taking no damage on successful saves against attacks that allow a saving throw for half damage.

Skills: A mook is always considered to roll an 8 when making a skill check.

Environment: As normal, though mooks are almost always found working for a more powerful leader.

Challenge Rating: 2 to 4 mooks take the place of a single creature of their CR in an encounter. In general, 3 mooks is equivilent, but if they possess weaknesses that the party can capitalize on that increases to 4. If they have powerful abilities, such as save-or-suck spells, that number drops to 2.