guess which one is me My name is James McMurray and if you haven't guessed by now I'm a software engineer and a gamer. I've been making tools for gaming since I first dicovered Basic and a dot matrix printer back in high school, though it's a lot easier to do and share these days.


Over to the right is my wonderful son. He's tenand loves UFOs, Big Foot, comics, and all things scientific. He's a gamer at heart, and loves to play an old school game called Marvel Superheroes.

Don't be fooled by the Care Bear in the picture. That's actually "Cignax," one of the many stuffed animals the kids have designed an entire imaginary world around. I'm not sure who the blue guy is, but he doesn't look happy to be there.

Scarlett is seven. She loves Justin Bieber, TV, Zhu Zhu Pets, and singing her heart out. She's a gamer too, but prefers to wander off until its her turn to smack someone around as "Girlverine."

My gorgeous girlfriend, Robyne. she's not a gamer, but she makes up for it by rocking in every other way imaginable!.

At some point I'll dig out some pictures of our cats, Sprinkles and Bongo. Bongo is a bit ofa turd, so every so often I get woken up by caterwauling and hissing. I figure they'll figure outa pecking order eventually though, so just roll over and go back to sleep unless it sounds like someone is really getting hurt. He works hard to earn the middle name "Noboylikesyou."

We also have two dogs (pictures also forthcoming). Brownie was a rescue dog. My wife and kids found her under a slide at a nearby playground a few weeks before Christmas. She was with several brothers and sisters, butt he rest had frozen to death. I got an email asking if anyone at work wanted a new puppy but shortly after that I found out we had a new pack member. That's ok though, she's a good dog. Strong dog, walking a smiley…

Update! Brownie is preggers, and by the time you read this she may have given birth. Want one?

Josie, our basset hound mix, is also a good dog and a rescue (the cats are too for the record). She was adopted from North Texas Basset Hound Rescue. She's a little too dominant with Brownie, but we're working on it with a little help from the Dog Whisperer.


I've been a gamer since almost as long as I can remember. My grandparents got me the Dungeons and Dragons basic boxed set for Christmas back in 1981. I colored in the numbers on the dice and haven't looked back since.

I guess you could say I'm a fairly typical gamer. I don't talk much unless I know people well, I tend not to stand out in a crowd, and I don't go out of my way to make a lot of friends. But then again, depending on where you're from that could describe a typical guy. I'm not complaining though. I get to have my cake and hunt down dragons too.

Some of my favorites include (in no specific order):

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • World of Darkness
  • Scion
  • Exalted
  • Shadowrun

The campaigns I run are the entire reason for this site and every gaming tool I've made.


I work for a company called Heartland Payment systems writing an application that will run on Android tablets and enable the complete management of point of sale and employees within a restaurant. It's not as uplifting or cool-sounding as prior jobs including child protection software for cellphones and aircraft displays, but it's a great team and we've been hit with some very interesting problems to solve, so I'm liking it. In the past I've worked on fighter / helicopter displays, missile launcher training systems, company intranets, cellphone file managers, and email clients. I've done work on Windows, Linux, Symbian (Nokia's smartphone OS), VxWorks, Android, and BlackBerry. I've written code in Perl, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, javascript, and PHP.

For a more detailed accounting of my past professional exploits, head over to my resume.