Letter to the party from Vlaakith, Lich Queen of the Githyanki


You have trespassed upon my sovereignty and brought about the death of my Closest. For this a toll must be paid.

The basis for my argument is thus: you cannot kill me. Should you destroy my vessel you cannot even "loot my corpse" as you adventurers are so wont to do. You have behind you the gathered clergy of a minor deity. I have an entire nation and they have their Goddess, which is myself.

The choices laid before you are thus: attend to me at a fair trial and ensure that justice is served or have the incursion of Peraut's highest disciple be viewed as an act of war. My nation will respond in kind. The tales of the last Gith invasion will speak well to your church's lack of ability to defend itself should warfare be deemed necessary.

Reply with a Sending before Pelor trades the sky twice.


Vlaakith CLVII

Revered Queen
Ruler of the Githyanki for over 1,000 Pelorian cycles